Accounting mission

Participation in the drawing up of accounts:

Implementation of the Accounting Plan adapted to the enterprise;

  • Monitoring, keeping of accounts;
  • Control of the counting services;
  • Implementation and monitoring of the analytical accounting of operating;
  • Accounting Assistance of any kind;
  • Establishment of periodic statements, the balance sheets and results account;
  • Establishment of the cash flow statement;
  • Establishment and control reporting remediation of accounts. Audit.

Auditing, certification:

Contractual auditing of accounts;

  • Auditing of internal control procedures;
  • Legal auditing of the accounts (Auditing);
  • Auditing prior to acquisition of stake.
  • Contribution auditors


  • Amicable Expertise;
  • Judicial Expertise;
  • Arbitration, business valuation and corporate securities (Especially for sales, assignments, contributions, inheritances, divisions, donations or at the request of various bodies);
  • Management Expertise.
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