Forensic Accounting

Approved by the Court of Algiers, the Judicial Expert is appointed by a judge and intervenes in the following cases:

  • Presentation of economic operations accounts: These interventions are related to business dealings such as: payment of entitlements between contractors or partners on the management of property, trademark or distribution of profits.
  • Audit of the annual accounts (Accounting). This expertise is frequently linked to a deadlock between shareholders giving rise to a provisional administration, or in the context of suspicion for the benefit of shareholders or partners (Embezzlement due to a prior management).
  • Encryption of economic damages: Following an interruption of business relationship or disorder in the commercial environment.
  • Analysis of the accounting treatment: The interventions in these cases are in the connection of liabilities guarantees on the disposal of a business.
  • Assessment of a company: The juridical expert is involved in a bankruptcy context.
Algiers :
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