Normes of IFAC Standards (Forum of Firms)

The Accounting and Tax Firm “DERAMCHI” through its membership in the International network of Audit Santa Fe Associates International as a certified member (according to IFAC regulations– International Federation of Accountants) has fulfilled the quality standards submitted by the Forum of Firms.

The Forum of Firms is an international association established in 2002 of international networks of accounting firms such as network Santa Fe Associates International. The aim of this forum is promoting, at the same level, the quality of services provided by these audit firms members around the world.

The members of the Forum confirm have set up, for transnational audits, practices and methodologies founded on the international standards on auditing (International Standards on Auditing), as many as possible, and comply with the Code of ethics of IFAC as well as with the national ethical codes. They also confirm to maintain quality control standards according to International standards on quality control (International Standards on Quality Control) besides the relevant national standards on quality control.

Members confirm also realize journals regular (at least every two years), globally coordinated, on the internal system of quality assurance, to the extent that this is not contrary to national laws.

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