Staff Management

A sound staff management helps innovative companies to optimize the entire process of their human resources management.

With our solution, you can:

Obtain and use your personal data at anytime and anywhere.

  • Make information relating to your staff available to them.
  • Put in place circuits of validation safely (leave, annual interviews...).
  • Engage a real approach to management positions, jobs and skills.
  • Improve the productivity of the human resources team.
  • Preparation of payroll.

Service: Be always accompanied

An operational support by Human Resources Experts who rely on best practices for each relevant human resources expertise (Valuation, training, Reporting, Communication etc). We accurately describe the deliverables proposed and maturities in the events calendar:

  • A business expertise: Experts who assist you are themselves derived from the HR function.
  • A continues improvement approach.

Continued innovation

Whether technological, operational or societal, all our innovations have just one vocation: Accompanying you in the efficiency of your HR projects and improving your performance

Our Human Resources Solution

Talent Management

Performance and Assessment: Customized solution to accurately follow the individual and collective performance of your company, directly related to your strategy.

  • Training management: A comprehensive and proven solution for the management of training which integrates permanent evolutions of legislation.
  • Skills development: An innovative solution, combined with the training management service, for a human capital management of your company.

Social pilotage

  • Human Resources Dashboards: Benefit from appropriate human resources indicators to manage your forecasts and perform your arbitration. Our tools of information, steering and action of the human resources strategy are simple and efficient.
  • Pilotage of the wage bill: More than 150 client firms trust in ADP for piloting of their wage bill. Leaders on this area, we offer in HRD and to the controllers of social management a solution devoted, comprehensive and inserted into the payroll.Reliability and saving time are guaranteed.

HR Communication

  • Individual Social Report: A comprehensive document which provides details of overall pay and all advantages that your wage earners benefit from. It allows to introduce and to understand your remuneration policy on an innovative support.
  • Payroll preparation: An element that you should not neglect because of its importance in the wage earners’ life. This operation requires in-depth knowledge in this area and can be entrusted only to professionals.
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